Orlando CMMC Certification

The latest version of CMMC, referred to as ‘CMMC 2.0,’ was announced by the DOD in November 2021. Is your business compliant with the requirements outlined? Partnering with the right managed services provider makes obtaining your Orlando CMMC certification simple. We’ve helped our clients build their IT infrastructure from the ground up. Here’s our process. 

Identify your CMMC Level 

Depending on how critical the data that your organization handles is, you will need to meet a specific CMMC level. We conduct an initial assessment of your organization’s functions to determine the correct level you should be at to contract with the DOD. 

You will need to certify at Level 1 at the minimum, but if you contract with large primes like Lockheed Martin, you will typically need to meet Level 3 compliance requirements. 

Create a Plan of Action and Milestones

To be eligible for Orlando CMMC certification, you will need to prove that your organization has taken the steps necessary to meet DOD requirements. Our team of CMMC compliance experts will determine the changes you need to implement before your certification. 

For some of our clients, this process is simple and straightforward, and for others, it may take more time and require additional changes to be made. We will assess your current level of compliance and the effectiveness of your existing operations. We will help you to create a strategy that will bridge the gap between your current practices and CMMC certification. 

We will assist you in creating your System Security Plan (SSP), which will be a collection of documents that demonstrate your organization’s environment and how you have made the required changes and practices a part of your daily operations. The SSP will change as you continue to make improvements to your existing IT security infrastructure. 

Coordinate with the Third-Party Assessor

Once we have worked with you to fully prepare your organization for certification, we won’t stop there. We find and coordinate with a Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) to obtain CMMC certification. The assessor will examine your SSP, review the documentation that you provide, and may interview members of your organization. Our goal is to make obtaining your Orlando CMMC certification as simple as possible. 

Why Use A Managed Services Provider for CMMC Certification?

Once you have received your certification from the government or third-party assessor, it is in effect for three years. At this point, you must recertify. When you have a consistent, actionable plan in place, the recertification process is easy. Working with an IT managed services provider that knows how to keep your organization compliant means that you can maintain your compliance between recertifications.

Don’t make your Orlando CMMC certification process more complicated than it needs to be. Contact our expert team at Diriga Technologies today. We will provide an initial consultation and discuss your next steps.