Small businesses have to think about cybersecurity

SBA will dedicate $3 billion to small business cybersecurity

The Small Business Administration just announced $3 billion in new funding to assist small businesses with cybersecurity. The money will be sent to state governments and they will use it to help small businesses build up their cybersecurity infrastructure.

State governments will compete for grants that they can distribute to small business owners and start-ups to go towards efforts to improve cybersecurity.

Those who apply will be awarded up to $1 million.

Cybercrime and small businesses

Cybercrime is on the rise and small businesses are a prime target. And if a small business falls victim to a cybercrime, it could completely destroy their entire operation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses even more reliant on technology and even more susceptible to disruptions from cybercriminals.

The SBA’s new funding will help train small businesses and give them the tools they need to protect them against cyberattacks.

The advancement of cybercrime

Data breaches are on the rise, increasing by double digit percentages year over year. And money earned from ransomware attacks are on the rise, too. In the first half of 2021, ransomware attacks earned about $590 million.

What you can do

Small Business owners across the country must prioritize investment in cybersecurity and ransomware protection. And despite what many think, it’s not that costly to do so, especially when you look at what you may lose if you don’t.

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Stay safe out there!