Nowadays, ransomware has been getting more aggressive in gathering the client’s data information. Cybercriminals have transitioned from encrypting and exfiltrating data to exfiltrating and extortion. Meaning that if the cybercriminal does not get paid within a certain amount of days, then the information that was gathered will be sold to another person interested.

To prevent this from happening in the future, here are some steps that can be done to avoid an extortion ransomware attack below.

– Implement the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all the accounts. Even if the perpetrator is able to gain access to a working password, they will be stopped because they still need the authentication to be approved from the user’s device.

– Create a strong password that is tough to figure out for every application.

– Apply the zero-trust security policy so all the users and devices are properly authenticated before gaining access to their company’s information. This policy is becoming more frequent due to large amounts of remote work being deployed. This will help to make sure to identify the users that are accessing their site’s information are legitimate not a cybercriminal.

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