A couple vulnerabilities for Windows and Linux users

While the Operating Systems for Windows and Linux are continuing to send out updates to keep them secure, there are two new vulnerabilities discovered. The first vulnerability allows the perpetrator to enter OS resources that are not administration level status that the privileges are low where the information can be read. The second vulnerability is that the files can be opened or the running of a code for passwords that are stored or operations that’s considered fragile.

For Windows, a researcher found that the database where user accounts and security descriptions are stored can be accessed by users with system privileges that’s constrained. Unfortunately, there are no patches available yet for this fix but Microsoft is working on it.

On the other hand, Linux’s vulnerability is already sending out a resolution that’s disclosed. The vulnerability that was exploited is that a user that is not trusted can obtain high level rights to the system by generating, mounting, and removing the file path structure of a total path that is more than 1 GB and afterwards opening the file.Qualys, a security firm who noticed this vulnerability, advised users that are running Linux to check with their distributor to see if the patch is available.

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