Office 365 Is Now Microsoft 365! Microsoft confirmed they are re-branding the Office 365 service as Microsoft 365 with the introduction of a new digital subscription bundle that includes Office, OneDrive and Outlook applications. A modern Family Security Protection App, and Teams for Consumer.

Beginning on April 21, with the announcement of a new software subscription named ‘Microsoft 365 Personal and Family’ Office 365 will become Microsot 365.

This latest subscription contains several improvements specifically tailored for users, ranging from AI writing software to a latest parental control system that operates not only on Windows but also on Android devices.

Microsoft 365 Programs

Microsoft Editor: AI-driven writing tools

Microsoft 365 is launching new AI-enhanced writing tools to make writing confidently easier for both students and users.

This includes an enhanced Microsoft AI-driven editor that provides suggestions for editing, grammar guidance, and reporting of types similar to the service Grammarly provides.

Word will also provide a similarity checker for students who are writing essays which helps students prevent plagiarism by making sure they have the correct citations.

In addition to adding this editor natively to Microsoft Outlook for the Internet, Microsoft will release a web browser plugin that will be available in 20 different languages, cross-platform and.

Excel Updates

Microsoft launches a new interactive Excel template called “Money in Excel,” which lets you connect to financial accounts and import your data.

This enables you to view all of your linked financial details including bank accounts and credit card information to provide a fast snapshot of your finances and help you to budget accordingly.

Money in Excel Microsoft 365

This service is also supposed to be compatible to work with over 10,000 financial institutions!

Family Safety & Security Services

Microsoft is launching a new parental control service focusing on Family Safety which enables parents to track and limit children’s behavior on their Windows 10 systems and Android devices.

Using Family Protection, parents can track & monitor their children’s apps and services that they are using. They can also set up content filters that limit the content they can access or see.

Family Safety monitor on Android device

Parents can restrict how much time a child can use a specific app for each use, such as the Netflix shown below. When their allotted time is almost over, their parents must alert the child and can allow more time to be added.

The Family Safety apps also advertises a ‘Your Family’ view that lets parents and kids see where all members of their family are similar to the popular Life360 app. This allows a parent to track their children’s behaviour, and allows children to know how long they have before a parent gets home.

The family monitoring service also tracks driving activity of a participant, top speeds or how often they picked up their phone while driving.

Office 365 Is Now Microsoft 365! Participants will determine what details they want to share with their families to improve anonymity, and their driving history is not shared with insurance firms or other third-party organizations.

The app is scheduled to be published later this year.

Microsoft Teams for Consumers

Consumers will be able to add a personal account to Microsoft Teams this summer, enabling family members to collaborate, schedule activities, exchange details and exchange pictures.

Microsoft wants to be able to provide other family members with personal information such as passwords, frequent flyer information, and bank account information. This information can be stored in a vault that is secured by encrypted and multi-factor authentication.

Microsoft notes that it does not sell any data used by Microsoft User Teams and that the service is designed to help families to manage busy schedules and provide the knowledge storage required to make a family more successful.

Microsoft Teams for Consumers will be launched this summer for preview, and should be release in the fall.